1. The the campsite provisions are binding for all camping visitors.
  2. Upon arrival on the camp site, every guest has to present himself immediately at the
    Reception to check-in with the necessary photo identity passport or similar official documents.
  3. Adolescents under 18 years are only permitted admission in the company of adults.
  4. Working hours during the peak season are from 8:00- 19:00 h in the preseason the working hours are limited to 8:00-16:00 h.
  5. Noon rest from 12.30 to 14.30 h – night rest from 22.00 to 07.00h.
    Noise pollution through broadcasts, TV sets, singing and shouting are to be refrained. The breaking off of the tents during the rest times and the departure before 7:00h in the morning is not permitted. During the rest times the bars remain closed. Vehicles may not leave the place and may not be used.
  6. Lot boundaries and the parking place arrangement are to be strictly respected. Water gutters may only be made if necessary and are to be levelled again before departure.
  7. On the campsite driving is only possible at slow speed; mopeds must be pushed.
  8. Waste may only be disposed in the waste containers for glass, metal, epoxy, paper.
  9. Grilling with the formation of smoke and therefore the molestation of neighbours is strictly forbidden.
  10. Dogs are under no circumstances allowed on the beach and must always be led at the campsite on the leash.
  11. Waste water of caravans may only be disposed in the chemistry toilet.
  12. Hot water is available with a limited quantity, so use it economically.
  13. Borders of the campsite (fences and hedges) must not be climbed over or trespassed.
  14. On the day of departure, the parking place is to cleared by 11:00h, otherwise this day will be fully charged.
  15. The instructions of the camping personal are to be strictly followed. Failing to do this may cause the camper to be sent away.